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Samples analyzed with the Opaque Liquid Cell have incorrect or distorted spectra.

CAUSE: An incorrect setting in the ISIscan database is causing the sample cell to be moved into an incorrect position.

VERSION AFFECTED: Versions 1.01 - 1.25

SOLUTION: Download the utility file listed below and follow the instructions below:

Close ISIscan before performing this procedure.

1) Open Windows Explore by right-clicking Start -> Explore. Browse to C:\ [program files] \ Infrasoft International \ ISIscan \ data.
2) Highlight the ....\data directory from above, right mouse click and select COPY.
3) Browse up one directory level to highlight the C:\ [program files] \ Infrasoft International \ ISIscan directory and right mouse click and select PASTE. You should have created a directory named C:\ [program files] \ Infrasoft International \ ISIscan \ copy of data. This is a backup and can be deleted once you have tested the fix.

4) Extract the file from this e-mail and save to any directory. Rename the file to and use WinZip to extract opaque_fix.exe to the same directory.
5) Double click the opaque.exe file to run it. It will run very quickly!

6) Try to analyze a sample in the opaque liquid cell. The cell should now move into position and the be analyzed in a fixed position centered on the light slit.

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