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ISI Individual Calibrations

ISI has a number of calibrations for forages, feeds and feed ingredients that can be used out of the box or as a starter calibration if the customer has WinISI III calibration development package.

All calibration are for System II based reflectance instruments that are standardized to the ISI master. The calibrations are mostly based on North American samples.

For many products, calibrations are available for both Ground and Unground sample presentations.

To see individual calibration details, click the Part Number. For more information about availablity or suitablity of the calibrations for your products, please contact your local FOSS product specialists.

Ground, expandable calibrations

Part Number Description
IC-0904FE Hay
IC-0905FE Haylage
IC-0906FE Corn Silage
IC-0907FE Corn Grain
IC-0909FE Soymeal
IC-0910FE Mixed Feed
IC-0911FE Mixed Grains
IC-0913FE Wheat
IC-0914FE Barley
IC-0915FE Oats
IC-0916FE Distillers Grains
IC-0917FE Brewers Grain
IC-0918FE Meat & Bone Meal
IC-0919FE Corn Gluten Feed
IC-0920FE Fish Meal
IC-0921FE What Midds
IC-0922FE Concentrates
IC-0923FE Whole Soybeans, Ground
IC-0924FE Soybean Hulls
IC-0925FE Small Grain Silage
IC-0926FE Whole Cotton Seed, Ground
IC-0927FE Cotton Seed Hulls & Burrs
IC-0928FE Cotton Seed Meal
IC-0929FE Blood Meal
IC-0930FE Poultry Offal
IC-0931FE Feather Meal
IC-0932FE Poultry Meal
IC-0933FE Alfalfa Pellets & Cubes
IC-0934FE Calif Alfalfa Hay
IC-0935FE Rye
IC-0936FE Sorghum (milo)
IC-0937FE Mixed Feed w/ NPN
IC-0938FE Canola Meal
IC-0939FE Bakery Products
IC-0940FE Corn Gluten Meal
IC-0942FE Poultry Feed
IC-0943FE Sunflower Meal
IC-0945FE Whey
IC-0946FE IVOMD for hay, haylage and fresh forage
IC-0947FE IVOMD for Corn silage
IC-0193FE Corn Grain, High Oil
IC-0194FE Corn Silage, High Oil
IC-0195FE Pet Food, Dry (Cat&Dog)
IC-1031FE White Flour Calibration
IC-1032FE Durum and semolina flour calibration
IC-1033FE Ground wheat, second clears, and late break cal.
IC-1034FE Red Dog Calibration
IC-1035FE Wheat midds, wheat bran, and wheat germ calibration
IC-1040FE Beet pulp pellets (currently not sold individually)
IC-1041FE Powdered eggs (currently not sold individually)
IC-1042FE Yeast (currently not sold individually)
IC-1043FE Flax Grain (currently not sold individually)
IC-1044FE Rice Grain (currently not sold individually)
IC-1045FE Propak and Superpro (currently not sold individually)

Unground, expandable calibrations

Part Number Description
IC-1000WE Hay; undried/unground
IC-1002WE Haylage; undried/unground
IC-1004WE Corn silage; undried/unground
IC-1005WE Corn grain; unground
IC-1006WE Fresh forage; undried/unground
IC-1008WE Soymeal; unground
IC-1010WE Animal-byproduct samples w/ amino acid profiles; unground
IC-1011WE Fishmeal; unground
IC-1012WE Breakfast cereal; unground
IC-1013WE Green coffee beans; unground
IC-1014WE Mixed feed; unground
IC-1015WE Wheat midds; unground
IC-1016WE Forage, invitro OMD; undried/unground
IC-1017WE Corn silage, invitro OMD; undried/unground
IC-1020WE Corn grain, normal & high oil; unground
ISI-0025 Barley grain, hulled; unground
ISI-0026 Barley grain, hulless; unground
ISI-0027 Oat grain; unground
ISI-0028 Pea grain; unground
ISI-0029 Rye grain; unground
ISI-0030 triticale grain; unground

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